American Citizens Continue to FAIL our Country!

This blog is not only for the State of Texas but for every State in the Union! On a weekend where our nation should be pausing to observe and remember our military veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice, we are instead once again finding the United States of America embroiled in another debate over a mass shooting. At the Gettysburg National Cemetery on November 19, 1863, former President, Abraham Lincoln honored the Soldiers that sacrificed their lives in order “that

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Failure Is Not The Problem – Turn Your Anger and Protest into Progress

In many ways the United States of America has failed many of its citizens. She has made promises she is either unwilling or unable to keep. Particularly, promises to the people of color. This is no secret. As part of the Constitution and laws of the United States (U.S.) some of the promises (rights) are freedom of expression, without intrusion, the promissory note and freedom to vote without interference, the promise of due process and one can argue that these

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In this world of uncertainty and given this pandemic, many people are probably wondering why our leaders did not get ahead of this situation. In circumstances when times are tough, I am always searching for ways I can learn from my own personal failures. Throughout my life I have learned that it is not what happens to me but how I respond to what happens that makes the difference. (F+RR=S) or (Failure +Right Response = Success). Maybe you think this

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Winning isn’t Everything!

Winning isn’t Everything! Is it better to win or to fail? Why limit it to two choices? The better goal should be to learn. As I was driving on Interstate 295 N in Richmond, Virginia a car passed me. As I often do, I looked at the license plate. It read ; “only win.” I immediately thought, there is no such thing as “always “winning. When you tell yourself that the only option is winning, that’s absolutely unrealistic and you’re setting

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Failure + Right Response=Success (F+RR=S)

I have two fun facts for you. 1. Scientific data says 92% of People who set New Year’s goals never actually achieve them. That leaves 8% of people who do achieve those ambitions. 2. 100% of “ALL” people at some point in their life will “FAIL” and “ALL” will “FAIL” multiple times. Hello everyone, I am George Milton, “The Failure Coach.” A Certified Trainer in Success Principles. Throughout my life I have fail many times. I failed out of kindergarten,

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Failure Is Not The Problem, It’s The Beginning Of Your Success, is a motivational book, a collection of teachings and stories gleaned from the experiences of a lifetime, meant to inspire readers to transform their mindset to look at failure as their greatest resource.

Most leadership books discuss how to achieve success only, but in life we all fail, and most people fail multiple times on their way to achieving success. George Milton is on a mission to motivate readers to improve their lives by teaching them that their failures, past experiences and regrets can propel them to reach their highest goals.

He addresses the challenge of adversity and how failure can motivate and focus change for the better. In this book are amazing stories of growth from a difficult youth to a distinguished career Army combat officer. His life is evidence that anyone can learn and adapt by taking 100% responsibility for their life, seizing opportunity, building on each achievement, and leveraging failure as a means to improve.

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