In this world of uncertainty and given this pandemic, many people are probably wondering why our leaders did not get ahead of this situation. In circumstances when times are tough, I am always searching for ways I can learn from my own personal failures. Throughout my life I have learned that it is not what happens to me but how I respond to what happens that makes the difference. (F+RR=S) or (Failure +Right Response = Success). Maybe you think this is just another intellectual post to pontificate, distract you or waste your time. I assure you it is not.

One of the many great lessons I learned while serving my country in uniform was this; “in the absent of leadership, continue on with the mission.” What I would like to do is to challenge you to focus on what your role is meant to be given where you find yourself at this moment in time. What is “your” mission? Is it to merely sit around hoping and praying that others will resolve this situation? Perhaps it is to reconnect with loved ones, do some introspection, become of service to others, get involved with your local and national community when there is normalcy once again.

Maybe it is time to reconnect to your faith. Are you thinking that you have no role to play? Of course you have a role to play. I am of the mindset, because you are still on the planet that means you are important and have a responsibility or some sort of contribution you should be making. However, there is one role none of us should be involving ourselves in: blaming others. Yes, there are those responsible and should be held accountable. But now is the time to focus on how to get back on normal footing. “You” get to decide what role “you” will play in such a time as this. Are you willing to be the leader you are meant to be? I challenge all who read this to step up and become that leader who can make the difference on this planet.

One person, one event, one experience at a time. In the absent of leadership, there will be chaos. According to the medical professionals this is going to take some time to solve. What will be “your” response? I am convinced that we all possess unique (TGSA’s) Talents, Gifts, Skills, and Abilities. In order to get from where we are to where we want to be it is going to take a team effort! We are stronger together! Whether it is those who have taken an oath to lead but instead have failed us or whether it is our own personal failures, that is not the problem. What we learn from these experiences and how we respond, that is what is

important. Spread the word!
All the best,
George Milton-The Failure Coach………

“Everybody’s got something that they are good at, the hard part is finding it.”
-Mark Cuban



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