Motivational Speaker | Master Trainer
Prolific Author

Motivational Speaker | Master Trainer
Prolific Author

America’s Failure Coach

Failure is Not the End

Change your relationship with failure to reach your personal and professional goals.

How did you feel the last time you failed?

Anxious? Depressed? Frustrated? You aren’t alone. Research shows that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. What’s stopping you? Revolutionary Keynote Speaker, Author, and Master Trainer Colonel George Milton has made overcoming failure his life. With years of experience and a counseling plan tailored to you, Col. Milton will change your relationship with failure and turn it into success.

Three Steps to Changing Your Relationship with Failure

Step One: Share Your Story

This is the hardest part, opening up to someone new about your fear of failure. I get it, I was in your shoes, too. Together, we’ll take a dive into your fears and discover exactly what’s holding you back from success.

Step Two: Create a Game Plan

Changing your mindset takes time, and I’ll be with you every step of the way. We will tailor a unique plan to your needs and take things one hurdle at a time.

Step Three: Challenge Your Priorities

Little by little, we’ll change your outlook on failure versus success. I will arm you with the tools you need to overcome the stigma and anxiety around failure. You will gain the confidence and knowledge to approach your next challenge head-on.

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Failure Is Not The Problem®, It’s the Beginning Of Your Success


I finished reading this book today. First book I’ve finished in forever. It got me doing a lot of thinking and has me ready to change my perspective on a lot of my life.

One of the biggest events I contributed to a failure was not finishing school and obtaining my degree in Architecture.

After reading your book, it has motivated me to look into going back and getting that degree.

Thank you again, Brother George, for the honor of reading your book and changing my outlook on life. – Kenny

Failure is not the problem it is your leadership book

Failure Is Not The Problem®, it’s Your Leadership


In this win only, winner takes all society, what is the role of failure in leadership?

Why are there so many books on leadership? Simply put, because people want, desire, and need leadership! Most people in positions of leadership and authority will talk about how to become successful only, when discussing leadership. In my book, I focused primarily on how to become successful by using your failed experiences.

Failure said to success, without me, there is no you!

When I examine wildly successful people in all industries, such as business, sports, CEO’s, academia, medical, civil service, the military, you name it and what I find as a common denominator is they all learned how to understand, accept, embrace, and learn from their failures.

Do you want to succeed as a leader? If you do, you must learn how to do three things. Fail graciously, get comfortable with your failed experiences and learn from those experiences. Everyone wants to succeed but no one wants to fail. When utilized correctly, failure is the greatest resource on the planet to help you be all that you can be. I have created a formula for this. Get the book and learn what the formula F+RR=S, means.

In this, easy to read book you will learn:

• Why you are not afraid to fail

• That failing can actually be fun

When an organization makes it ok to fail, their people, are more creative, survive, and thrive

• How to take action and become successful using your failed experiences

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“Motivational influenced self-reflection” is how I describe George Milton’s dynamic presentation about the everyday reality of Failure. George Milton was a guest speaker at an Endurance Sports Seminar I hosted in October 2019, and his message of “Failure is not the Problem” is one that EVERYONE needs to hear! Regardless of your profession, ability level, or social status, the mentality of failure is not an option is a true oxymoron that aligns every believer of this mantra up for failure. His magnetic personality was evident the second we met. The true impact of his talk continues to resonate as athletes in attendance that day inquire as to how soon George will be back to talk again.

– Mangai Hosang
(Ret. US Navy Chief Petty Officer, Strength & Conditioning/Sports Performance Coach, USA Triathlon Level I Coach)

I was privileged to work with COL George Milton during my time as Senior Development Advisor to the United States European Command (EUCOM), based in Stuttgart, Germany. COL Milton’s leadership skills were evidenced the first time I met him—his in-depth knowledge of US Military operations, combined with genuine caring for all persons on base (both soldiers and civilians) earned him a position of the highest respect throughout EUCOM. A polished speaker, COL Milton inspired us to “be all that we can be.” His imprint has left a lasting impression on my own life as well as countless others.

– Catherine Johnson, PHD
(Ret. USAID Senior Foreign Service)

I have had the pleasure of knowing Colonel (Ret.) Milton for a number of years now. Over the course of that time, both I and my family have benefited directly from the high caliber and personal nature of his leadership. He has high standards, inspires and motivates by his presence, and is approachable as well as personable. These are qualities that all great leaders possess. I offer this testament having benefited from the Colonel serving as a role model and mentor—a role he has fulfilled as well for my two sons—both active duty Army officers.

– Adrian L. Liptrot
(Ret. Command Sergeant Major, International Portfolio Manager at DISA)

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Failure is Not the End

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