On-Site or Off-Site Custom Workshops

We work together to create the program curriculum you need to drive results. We deliver the program to your attendees. Program durations can be half day, full day, two days or longer.

George is a dynamic, actionable keynote speaker.

George builds a program specific to your challenges. Leadership growth begins with understanding and correcting behaviors that hinder our ability to influence situations around us.

Truly interactive experience: off-stage interactions with audiences.

George ensures audiences are energized with new skills and the ability to put their knowledge into action. He isn’t afraid to get off stage and spends a fair amount of time engaging with audience members directly.

No pre-canned talks: all keynotes customizable to every organization.

George delivers an experience like no one else. Whether you’re facing leadership, influence, organizational change, culture, diversity, or communication challenges, George will build a keynote that meets your needs.

Deliver a transformative experience.

George collaborates closely with each client to ensure the keynote meets their needs and goals. His keynote delivery engages audiences, gets them energized, and gives them a fun experience.

Insights after the keynote.

After the keynote, George follows on to ensure he met expectations and to deliver any additional insights after the talk has concluded to help each client drive forward momentum..

Keynote Speaker

What challenges & opportunities are you facing?

Getting to know you and your goals and building a bond is critical. George talks with you and others to get you to identify strengths and opportunities for growth.

George is the author of three books dedicated to teaching individual’s and influential leaders communication and presentation techniques on how to succeed by focusing on failure. His mission is to improve people’s lives and organizational structures by teaching them that their failures, past experiences and regrets can propel them to reach their highest goals. His most recent book, Failure Is Not The Problem, It’s The Beginning Of Your Success, takes George’s knowledge, research and life experiences and teaches how anyone can learn how to change their mindset from negative to positive regarding failure, resulting in more constructive and productive results oriented experience and environment.

George is a highly decorated Army Officer who in 2018, was inducted into the United States Army Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame.

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Failure Is Not The Problem, It’s The Beginning Of Your Success, is a motivational book, a collection of teachings and stories gleaned from the experiences of a lifetime, meant to inspire readers to transform their mindset to look at failure as their greatest resource.

Most leadership books discuss how to achieve success only, but in life we all fail, and most people fail multiple times on their way to achieving success. George Milton is on a mission to motivate readers to improve their lives by teaching them that their failures, past experiences and regrets can propel them to reach their highest goals.

He addresses the challenge of adversity and how failure can motivate and focus change for the better. In this book are amazing stories of growth from a difficult youth to a distinguished career Army combat officer. His life is evidence that anyone can learn and adapt by taking 100% responsibility for their life, seizing opportunity, building on each achievement, and leveraging failure as a means to improve.

Do you want to avoid the most common mistake everyone makes when trying to become successful.

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